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2 Timothy 2:15; Study to show thyself approved unto God…

Living Word Bible College is well positioned to train young men and women for ministry. Our clear and concise teaching of the word of God will empower every student to take the Word of God to all nations. We believe and teach that Jesus Christ died for all of mankind; He is the ONLY way to heaven.

LWBC has intentionally avoided the teaching of “Liberal Arts” within our course load. Bible and Theology courses are all you will find at LWBC.

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If you feel called to study the Word of God in a college setting, we may be the right place for you.

Here is what we have to offer.

One Year Certificate in Biblical Studies

The aim of this program is to train young people for Christian service at home and abroad with an emphasis on the ministry of teaching the Word of God. This program is designed to give the student a more thorough knowledge of the Scriptures with a view to a fruitful life of personal Bible study and of sound exposition of God’s Word to others. Emphasis is placed on Biblical studies, with general training in the principles of Christian education and disciplines of Theology.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

The purpose of this associate degree is to combine the studies in the various fields with effective training in the Bible so that the graduate is prepared to take up the duties of the various ministries or to advance to further Theological education. This associate degree is designed to provide advanced studies in Bible, Theology, communication skills, and essential elements for life ministry.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The three-year degree program is designed to prepare students intellectually, socially, and spiritually for a life of discipleship and ministry. This degree will equip the student with the necessary knowledge and tools to teach the Scriptures, train others for service, and demonstrate scriptural leadership skills within the church. The student will have studied all areas of ministry, and be capable of pastoring a church.

Please check out the course outline in the 2014-2015 LWBC Catalogue.